Plant essences from the Canaries to guide your spiritual development (set)

  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann

Thus floral essences of love help us to open our heart chakra, so positively influencing and strengthening the plant essences from the canaries the development of our personality. The goal is to harmonise both the aura and the chakra and to recognise patterns of our own personality, thus finding our own sense of balance in body, soul and spirit.

  • Self-discovery

    This activates the solar plexus and swirls from there through all aura levels, strengthening them all.

  • Calmness

    This activates the head chakra from the throat chakra upwards, opening the third eye and activating all aura levels.

  • Steadfastness

    This activates the root chakra and connects all chakras from bottom to top.

  • Self-expression

    The energy enters the throat chakra and activates all aura levels from within to the outside. This is a very useful essence for public speakers.

  • The power of achieving your own goals

    Starting from the throat chakra, the energy spreads over all chakras down to the root chakra, and reconnects with the energy from the earth. This has an “anchoring effect”.

  • To counter aggression

    The energy of the earth enters the root chakra and moves upwards, connecting all chakras with the universe.

  • Revitalising

    Mixture of:

    Cycas revoluta 
    Woodwardia radicans »Samenkapsel” 
    Pinus canariensis 

    This cleansing essence is designed to provide order and clarity on all levels- bodily, spiritually and psychologically. Discipline, awareness, respect and love all play a role in this healing process.

  • Cleansing

    Powerful energy starts in the head chakras, activates them and connects them with the ground.

  • To counter gluttony and excess

    Left-turning energy spirals spread throughout the aura like a “Dervish dan- ce”, activating the aura, chakras, nadis, meridians and body cells.

  • Vitality

    Energy flows from bottom to top, into the heart chakra and spreads from there up to and beyond the 7th aura level, flowing back into it like a fountain.

  • Grounding

    This sets the power of the root chakra in motion, connects to the top, and activates all aura layers.

  • Finding one's place

    From the root chakra to the top, all chakras are connected in one light channel. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras in particular become much stronger, while simultaneously activating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd aura layers.

  • Activation and connection of the aura and chakras

    Mixture of:

    Aeonium palmense 
    Ceropegia dichotoma 
    Dracaena dracon 

    These activate and connect the aura and the chakras, tapping into one’s entire energy source and strengthening the body’s self-healing powers.

  • Motivación

    Through the root chakra, all aura levels are connected and activated. This provides the “initial spark”.

  • Distancing

    The energy enters from behind the heart chakra and spreads like a protecting mantle towards the head chakras to form a “light shield”.

  • Self-realisation

    Starting from the solar plexus, first the heart chakra is activated, and then the throat chakra. The entire aura enlarges and is re-energised.

  • To counter mental self-pollution

    Oscillating energy enters the solar plexus, softly tingling, and moves upwards beyond the aura. It bubbles like a fountain, water cascading downwards and over the aura. This has a cleansing effect that balances the chakras.

  • Lightness

    Sparkling, invigorating, entertaining and rising levels of energy are activated in the throat chakra, and then spread throughout the head. This effectively “micro massages” the head chakras, awakening all the senses.

  • This provides a connection to one’s “soul family” (norms, values and patterns)

    It enters directly into the solar plexus and the heart chakra, activating them and spreading towards the outside up to the 5th aura layer.

  • connection to one’s biological family (norms, values and patterns).

    The energy activates the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders, and then enters the throat chakra. Afterwards, the energy continues to flow down into the legs and from there into the ground.

  • Determination

    This activates all head chakras and connects them with spiralling, energy laden wheels from top to bottom, which has an overall grounding effect.

  • Strength and protection

    The energy forms a cloudlike and soft protective shield over the whole aura.

  • To counter the fear of making decisions

    This connects and opens the head chakras towards the top (God, light and love). From the throat chakra downwards, all chakras and aura layers are connected and protected with a “coat of light”.

  • To counter not being able to forgive

    A yellow-white light comes from above and pierces all aura layers and chakras with its positive energy.

  • Pasión y devoción

    This protects, activates and connects the solar plexus with the sexual chakra, activating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd aura layers.

  • To counter fear of life

    The throat chakra, heart chakra and the solar plexus are activated and connected. This energy now flows into all aura layers and has a harmonising effect.

  • New orientation

    All aura layers and all chakras are activated and enlarged, widening all capacities.

  • To sweep away debris

    The energy works somewhat like a search engine looking for errors, blockages and illnesses. It threads its way through all aura layers and chakras, and eliminates what does not belong to the “original blueprint” (DNA, RNA, etc.)