Chakren Set

  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann

A Starter Set for the energy-rich, subtle essences, designed to match the issues of the current zeitgeist. It activates aura and chakras on a subtle level and finds and clears blockages. You can experience an energy increase and a harmonization of the whole beeing.

The "Chakra Set" contains: 8 essences X 10 ml

  1. Jacaranda mimosifoliaLetting go mentally.
    Activates all the chakras in the head region, thus aiding spiritual clarity and openness. Is most effective in the sixth and seventh aura layer (“flower of meditation”).
  2. Syzygium jambosBalance of energy.
    Activates the sixth and seventh aura layers, forming a “skin of light”. Botteld-up or diminished energy can be newly distributed, replenished and balanced. Connection to the microcosm (I) and the macrocosm (Earth).
  3. Aloe ferox rotSelf-confidence.
    Activates the neck chakra and connects the top chakras.
  4. Pancratium canariensisTrust.
    Causes the heart chakra to oscillate higher, working form the fourth aura layer to the outside. Trust in yourself on the way to discovering truth.
  5. Carica papayaWholeness, healing.
    The whole aura, starting from the solar plexus, is positively reactivated and enlarged (light shield).
  6. Furacea giganteaFertility, Power.
    Loosens any blockages in the sexual chakra, allowing energy to flow back; connects both top and bottom. Activates the fifth aura layer. Fertility in thinking, feeling and acting.
  7. Auraschutz (Aura Protection), Freeing the self from the influence of others.
    Builds up a subtle energy frequency in the seventh aura layer and moves with increasing frequency inwards, forming a honeycomb-like protection wal.