Children's Set

  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann

Due to the popular demand of wonderful young mothers, there is now a children's set for the most common crisis situations available. Emotional outbursts can be influenced positively with the selected essences. The essence should be applied exclusively by rubbing or spotting on the chakras. It can also be dropped in energized bath water. All essences can be purchased individually as well.

The Children's Set contains: 8 essences X10 ml

  1. Usnea barbata, To counter fear of life.
    The throat chakra, heart chakra and the solar plexus are activated and connected. This energy now flows into all aura layers and has a harmonising effect.
  2. Tithonia diversifolia, Love of live.
    Activates the solar plexus and the emotional body, connecting both to the third eye. Works form the third to the seventh aura layer to the outside.
  3. Albizia lophanthaCalmness.
    This activates the head chakra from the throat chakra upwards, opening the third eye and activating all aura levels.
  4. Lavandula canariensisDetermination.
    This activates all head chakras and connects them with spiralling, energy laden wheels from top to bottom, which has an overall grounding effect.
  5. Erythrina crista-galliFinding one's place.
    From the root chakra to the top, all chakras are connected in one light channel. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras in particular become much stronger, while simultaneously activating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd aura layers.
  6. Eschscholzia californicaBalance.
    Balances the top chakras, starting from the neck chakra to the top, and the lower charkas form the base to the bottom (“energy distributor”).

    Auraschutz,  (Aura Protection), Freeing the self from the influence of others.
    Builds up a subtle energy frequency in the seventh aura layer and moves with increasing frequency inwards, forming a honeycomb-like protection wal.