The Canarien Flower Essences of Love (set)

  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann
  • Eva Katharina Hoffmann

This set contains 28 essences, which can also be purchased individually, hand-filled in long-lasting, high quality pharmaceutical bottles made of dark glass plus a drip pipette with a strengthened rubber top

  • Self-confidence

    Activates the neck chakra and connects the top chakras.

  • Heart love

    Activates the root and heart chakra and connects all chakras from top to bottom. Enhances the ability to love.

  • Freeing the self from the influence of others

    Builds up a subtle energy frequency in the seventh aura layer and moves with increasing frequency inwards, forming a honeycomb-like protection wal.

  • Willpower and self-expression

    Activates the neck ckakra, third eye and the crown chakra, connecting all aura layers from the inside to the outside; it therefore has a stabilising and grounding effect.

  • Dissolving of old emotional wounds

    Moves from the root chakra at the bottom to the crown chakra at the top, identifying blockages and reactivating the body with positive energy.

  • Dissolving blockages

    Moves from the root chakra at the bottom to the crown chakra at the top, identifying blockages and reactivating the body with positive energy.

  • Wholeness, healing

    The whole aura, starting from the solar plexus, is positively reactivated and enlarged (light shield).

  • Self-love

    Energy flows from the outer aura layers in a soft and loving manner towards the heart chakra, forming a “safety cocoon” around it.

  • Regeneration and reactivation of the root chakra “I am!”

    The root chakra is reconnected to the energy of the earth, reactivating the body. The energy flows towards the heart chakra, connecting it to the flow and fastening it to the top.

  • Balance

    Balances the top chakras, starting from the neck chakra to the top, and the lower charkas form the base to the bottom (“energy distributor”).

  • Self-respect

    Works on all aspects of the willpower (the chakras on the back). The first aura layer is strongly reactivated. Feeling your own self again.

  • Fertility, Power

    Loosens any blockages in the sexual chakra, allowing energy to flow back; connects both top and bottom. Activates the fifth aura layer. Fertility in thinking, feeling and acting.

  • Sensuality

    Activates the second aura layer and stimulates mental perception, especially where emotions and feelings are concerned. Activating all senses.

  • Letting go mentally

    Activates all the chakras in the head region, thus aiding spiritual clarity and openness. Is most effective in the sixth and seventh aura layer (“flower of meditation”).

  • Feeling secure

    The energy of this essence wraps itself around you in a velvety and soft manner, allowing feelings to be expressed without fear. Strengthens the heart chakra and solar plexus.

  • Loving acceptance of your own body

    The sexual chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra are activated, affecting the first and second aura layers. Enhancing the own positive body image.

  • Clarity, Pureness

    Flows from the inside to the outside in all layers of the aura and purifies it. Helps to let go of old patterns in the emotional body and supports the own spiritual wholeness.

  • Trust

    Causes the heart chakra to oscillate higher, working form the fourth aura layer to the outside. Trust in yourself on the way to discovering truth.

  • Introspection

    Works form the outside to the inside, starting with the seventh aura layer and moving to the third one. Helps to find and accept yourself (“who am I?”).

  • Mental/spiritual freedom

    The ground energy is released, thus working itself up from the root chakra to the crown chakra, affecting all aura layers. It aids all cleansing processes in the subtle body.

  • Liveliness

    Circulating connection between all chakras and the aura layers. Strengthens turning and energy loaded vibrations and activates all regions.

  • Lethargy

    Spiral, positive turning energy wheels bring new power to the subtle energy body through the neck chakra and expand to the top, thereby strengthening the fifth aura layer.

  • Stagnation

    An energetic cleansing process of all subtle body areas, loosening blockages and clearing away pollution on all chakras and aura layers. Opens up the inside to the outside.

  • Emotional openness

    Links the solar plexus to the ground. Helps to “energetically root” yourself and activates the third, second and first aura layers.

  • Restart

    Activates and strengthens the root chakra, and thus the “I”. Helps to recognize old energy patterns and to let go, and activates self-perception on the first aura layer.

  • Recognition of the own role

    Works from the fourth to the outer seventh aura layer. With the help of the neck chakra and the third eye, roles and identity can be recognized and changed.

  • Balance of energy

    Activates the sixth and seventh aura layers, forming a “skin of light”. Botteld-up or diminished energy can be newly distributed, replenished and balanced. Connection to the microcosm (I) and the macrocosm (Earth).

  • Love of live

    Activates the solar plexus and the emotional body, connecting both to the third eye. Works form the third to the seventh aura layer to the outside.